It’s time to party like it’s 1979...

Alsteroids HD
alsteroids screens

This is a retro arcade action game in the vein of the classic space shooter Atari Asteroids (1979). If you are feeling nostalgic for old school, coin-op, blasting action then Alsteroids should give your trigger finger a work out! If you like classic shoot em ups like Space Invaders, Galaga, Tempest or Phoenix then you should enjoy this.

This is an endless shooter. Your objective is simple - stay alive as long as possible by shooting and avoiding wave after wave of asteroids ... your reward: a high score and bragging rights on the leader boards.
Your ship can be rotated through 360 degrees and can fire photon torpedoes (up to four on screen at a time). Large asteroids can be broken into two medium size ones, which in turn can be shot into two smaller ones. A wave is over when all asteroids have been cleared.

•Designed for tablets and phones!
•Vector Graphics (HD) option
•Raster / Bitmap Graphics (SD) option
•Multiple Control Layouts
•Parallax Background
•Global Leader boards
•Haptic (rumble) effects
•Icade support
•No coins needed!

available on the app store
Make sure you have non market
sources enabled on your device


Please contact us here if you have any queries, suggestions or issues (with the game obviously, not in a broad general sense!)

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